Before my senectitude, I need to brief you on the leading parties bearing arms to claim TITAN - "The Gateway To Absolute Being".


War Of My Progeny

When 2341 came to a close, Kev Rossenbach declared official ownership of TITAN, the floating megalopolis created by his mother Khats Honnaleyhs. Subsequently, two hundred years under his ownership proved to be prosperous, but not without devastating repercussions to the entire family.


The Rossenbach Domination

The collaborative triumvirate of Chaucer, Jeremy and Kev Rossenbach developed a flourishing capital in the Republic of Kiza. TITAN housed the central infrastructure that monitored integrated combat systems used by neighboring capitals. From the fruits of Khats' strategic and technical genius, the Rossenbachs used her technology to overpower all military leaders that tried to claim power in the EXO Syndicate.


Terror and Abuse of Power

Having unrestrained power over the Republic of Kiza and the EXO Syndicate, Kev became a relentless monster. In his ambitious rise to the higher ranks of EXO, he resorted to committing unspeakable crimes against his own faction, followers and family. He developed a sadistic thirst, so much that he eventually turned on Khats to quench it.


The Rise of Khats

In her prime years, Khats was an unlikely contender in EXO's commandant elections, going against rivals from dignified lineages. Her exposition on biorobotics and genetic engineering, uniquely integrated with shamanism and alchemy, was a pioneering advancement in combat stratagem. Developed with Brad Geitz' Laboratories, her biofusion technology caused a turbulent change in the Republic of Kiza and its surrounding capitals. Khats became an icon for being known as the dark horse... a mere human that became a sovereign through a very polarizing anointment into the EXO Syndicate. Many veterans of the EXO questioned the purity of her passage, while many citizens and select officers celebrate her as an innovator. Now that Kev also has his sights on her, she must devise ways to navigate a dangerous political climate and reclaim TITAN.


Wake up…

I am seeking an escape. A liberation of my imagination. So... I seek cognizance in the only channel I know how. Feel free to read through the Ruminations. That's where I contemplate "reality" - the material plane where we all exist. It's also where I create and develop the world you just read above.

Both the real world and Khats' world will intertwine several times here. It's up to you to discern whatever entertainment or meaning you can get from what I write.

Thank you for visiting!



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