How It Began


Khats Honnaleyhs

She was an associate of AEGIS Security, responsible for monitoring and auditing structural vulnerabilities of interurban grids. Her addiction to scanning technology developed her innate ability to “see” virtual diagrams of any object. Her mentor at the time recognized her talents, so he appointed her to jobs that involved identifying and dissecting anatomies of living beings and physical structures.

Queen Reyna Arga von Schatz

The day Khats met Reyna felt like her existence was atomized into nothing. The Queen detested everything about her, yet Khats succumbed to feelings of obsession and lust. She wanted to be near wherever Reyna went… to hear her voice, watch her move, to keep her safe… When the opportunity came to protect the Arga von Schatz family, Khats was determined to do anything to get close to her – even if it meant getting through to her closest guards.

Seth and Rufus

Surprisingly, Reyna’s two favorites were not common men. Rufus Williams was the heir to a billion-dollar armory enterprise, while Seth Tiyova was a famous gladiator in the Republic of Kiza. While assuming that Reyna simply wouldn’t settle for less, Khats discovered the real intimate details of their arrangement. To win them over, she presented the bundled value of her surveillance technology plus a little something extra…

Rossenbach vs. Arga von Schatz

A glimpse into Reyna’s world revealed a class of society that was mystifying yet sinister. It was a society full of elegant dignitaries navigating a deranged ideological structure. The AEGIS team was tasked on providing strategic support for Seth and Rufus in the midst of a feud between Queen Reyna and Jeremy Rossenbach – The General and Overlord of the Onendloch State. When Khats’ strategy overpowers Jeremy’s fleet during a strife, he aimed his forces towards annihilating AEGIS Security. Despite their perseverance, AEGIS went down completely, resulting in the slaughter of Khats’ teammates and mentor. Arga von Schatz relinquished from the feud due to another priority – thus leaving Khats to fight Jeremy back herself or be killed.

Meeting The Rossenbachs


Discovering The Black Arts

Discovering The Black Arts

Recalling what she saw at a forbidden gathering at Reyna’s citadel, Khats hid underground to build the first ever micro model of a Vessel. While operating the container, she discovers the Rossenbachs’ plan to assassinate Seth to attain a certain relic.

Khats was not prepared for the repercussions of fusing alchemical elements to her machine. She was possessed with the objective of targeting Seth herself. The aftermath of operating the Vessel gave her supernatural strength, thus she executed her plan successfully – to the dismay of Rufus, the Arga von Schatz clan and the Rossenbachs. Khats was immediately arrested and expelled out of the Republic of Kiza. Thinking it would be a suitable punishment, Reyna had her sent to the Onendloch State to be executed.

Khats was brought to the Rossenbach State in shackles. She was already prepared to die, so she felt no fear in attempting an attack to avenge AEGIS. Curious about this mysterious woman, Jeremy went to see Khats in person to investigate why she assassinated Seth.

A New Boss

After some interrogation, Khats reveals how and why she ambushed Seth. Reyna had full intentions of getting her killed regardless of victory. It was more advantageous to acquire the relic from Seth – The relic “spoke” to her, asserting that it belonged to her. Having known of the relic’s ability to choose its owner, Jeremy was intrigued by this mystic connection. With the advice of his father, Chaucer, the Rossenbachs decided to keep her alive. They decided to put her talents to use, and appointed her to build more surveillance technology for military use.

Jeremy revealed that Reyna made him believe that the death of his top commander was the fault of AEGIS – hence why he retaliated. This convinces Khats to put her plan on temporary hold as she builds trust with the General. For 2 years, she had developed several devices that implemented more alchemy with engineering as she had free access to more resources. Khats became increasingly obsessed with the supernatural powers she gained from every experiment. Overtime, she develops the insatiable hunger for absolute power.

A Chemical Attraction

The Rossenbachs became highly invested in her work. Jeremy became more invested in her. One night he makes the rare gesture of taking her out for a one-on-one conversation – to which Khats assumes as her opportunity to kill him and avenge her mentor. Once they were alone, as Khats tried to reach for the blade in her pocket, she was surprised by the swift moment of his lips touching hers and his hands around her waist. Her primal reaction to him was uncontrollable – as if the physical contact caused an invasion of her mind. She fell into an overwhelming state to which she became a slave to his touch, and her feelings for him followed.

Their relationship developed to be primarily visceral and carnal. Unfortunately, Khats discovers that being in a relationship with a Rossenbach means being exposed to some very disturbing family dynamics.

Finding TITAN


Power Hungry and Frenzied

Power Hungry and Frenzied

Rufus attempts to kill Khats at the Rossenbach Estate, upon finding out earlier that she was kept alive. Feeling little desire to stay at Onendloch, she runs away to escape both Rufus and Jeremy, to a neighboring and war-torn town called Vayaz. There she found her old friends. Much to her disappointment, they were heavily opposed to hiding her, as she was a wanted criminal nationwide.

With Rufus on her tail, she kept running until she came across an abandoned airship and hides in there for a night. The next day, she discovers that the aircraft was an ancient war machine, with its interface at least repairable. She spends a few days rebuilding the vehicle using the knowledge and technology she gained at Onendloch. The result would be the very first version and framework of TITAN. [ Continued in Ruminations ]