Infrastructure For Combat Strategem


The Vessel

Not any regular individual can operate the central mechanisms found in TITAN. It is no mere machine or vessel – The user must be able to operate his or her container at unrestricted levels, as it pushes physical limits at an extremely high risk. The Vessel contains interconnected systems that power the floating metropolis, and a specialized container that oversees the hidden structures of other military forces. TITAN is a result of the interdisciplinary composition of bionics, cybernetics, mechanical engineering, neuroscience, genetic engineering, alchemy and shamanism, which were used developed the city in a span of 10 years. Several inhabitants profess an awareness of the city’s “consciousness”, in that it is a live being responding actively to their deepest imaginations.

Combat Systems

TITAN is also a self-sustaining war machine, with robust mechanisms to defend itself against external attacks. Some of its systems include:

  • Zephyr Warfare Systems and Sycophantic Ammunition
  • Azure Sensor Systems
  • Navigation Systems
  • Cerebral Communication Systems
  • Interrelated Command and Control Systems
  • Data Processing Systems
  • Electronic and Metaphysical Warfare Systems
  • Instant Restorative Structures


The Vessel houses several containers, also known as embryos, that are accessible only to a select few capable individuals. An embryo’s capacity depends on the individual’s mental, physical, emotional, and empyreal state. Even in the hands of a single, but powerful entity, the embryo converts his or her essence into an immensely potent energy source, multiplying it so that it transforms TITAN into a transcendental force.

Within the embryo, the user must be capable of operating its technical mainframes, as well as connecting metaphysically to the microorganisms that form its anatomy. All the functions of TITAN can be pre-programmed from within an embryo. TITAN responds to the highest authority, which will govern over all other embryos (if necessary).

User Interface

Creators of TITAN


Synoptic Geitz Laboratories (SGL)

Synoptic Geitz Laboratories (SGL)

The leading creators of TITAN include Brad Geitz and Khats Honnaleyhs. The TITAN exposition was formulated by Khats, and she later collaborated with Brad and his team of scientists / engineers to make it a reality. While the physical creation of TITAN took 10 years, Khats had been laying the groundwork for over 100 years.