Meeting Zack Coutinho (18+)


“Whatever it was… I was persuaded… No, I -knew- that this would all be insignificant anyway. He was just the carrier pigeon, who delivered the instrument meant for me. The real advantage was in the Rossenbach Estate… winning their trust was the answer. And I got it. Everything was there!! I can’t… I can’t believe that worked!!!”

Khats laughs hysterically at the thought.

(How did Jeremy not see through it all? Was the overseeing General weaker than I thought?)

“And now… ha… Can you believe that he actually desires me now? He… -They- just gave everything to me.”

“Define ‘everything'”. Zack interrupts her diatribe. He seems neutral about her disclosure. 

“…Well… All I can say Zack is that people like you and me aren’t usually granted the highest privilege in experiencing certain… civilizations, bodies of knowledge, abilities, foresight, or enlightenment. I realize that I’ve lived an inferior life, as most of us do. We are the conduits to our own omnipotence, if given the right instruments and energies. Yet, most of us never get the opportunity to rise and execute what was meant for us by Divine Right.” 

A passionate preach.

“I can debate that.” Zack gloats. “I’m pretty fucking enlightened. How do you think I had the foresight of bringing you here?”

He taps the edge of his glass against Khats’ glass, then takes a swig of his drink. “I predicted that you would be kind of psycho too. I always saw it in your eyes, from all those posters of you that were plastered everywhere for a while.”

Khats takes a pause. (Get a hold of yourself!)

“Um, yeah… Anyways, thanks for snapping me out of that. Wow, sorry. I’m really making a crappy first impression…”

She finishes the last bit of whiskey from her glass, and stares at the ground.

(That was embarrassing, what the hell?)

“You’re nervous. Am I really that intimidating?”

“No, you’re not. For some reason I just felt like you were someone I can disclose that to.”

Zack holds his tongue. He quietly pours the rest of the whiskey in both of their glasses.

“Maybe it helps you to know that I actually despise Reyna and her two stooges.”

“I completely understand why people hate them. Yet, I couldn’t help but be drawn to them… their world. And now Jeremy’s…”

“Khats, you are no different from them. You clearly got this far into that circle for a reason. You reek of the same vanity that drives these so-called dignitaries.”

“I… what? No, that’s not true. I don’t derive pleasure from the kind of destruction they inflict.”

“Says the girl who decapitated a man three times her size. And now celebrating it with me.” 

Khats opens her mouth to protest, but chooses to retract. She lost this one.

“You sure do have an excessive passion over being omnipotent. Why do you wanna know and see everything anyway? I’ve learned a lot over the years too, but there are definitely things I’d rather not know. “

“But, don’t you ever wonder? What would you do if by Divine Right, you are granted the passage to attaining your Highest Self? Everything you want to be within a short grasp… The face, voice and body you desire. Mastery and aptitude in anything you want. Unworldly power and influence within your hands. Would you do anything to make that a reality?”

“Aha… If by Divine Right, I was granted the passage to tapping that ass, yes I would do anything to make that a reality.” This was not going to be a night of sermons for him. 

 “Alright, ha. You’re not going to drop this are you?”

Zack slides over to Khats, who seems apprehensive, but doesn’t move away.

“I hear that you’re quite the negotiator. So why don’t I make this deal with you? On top of making sure you don’t get killed today, I can assemble my guys from the corps tomorrow to help you deal with Rufus.”

“O..kay…” A jolt of arousal takes over as he closes the distance between them.

“There’s also a mysterious ship on the outskirts of this town. I can take you there. You’re an engineer, right? It might be useful.”

“How do you know all this?”


“Oh, that’s right…” 

There’s only so much filler sentences that she can say to divert the conversation. She braced herself.

Zack lightly grabs a lock of her hair and slides his fingers over it. He’s getting turned on by her demure behavior. Why is she acting so shy? Everyone knows what she’s capable of. Unless, he’s perceived her improperly this whole time?

“So, do we have a deal..?”

His scent permeates her senses. Rustic. A tempting hint to his machismo.


A setback of guilt invades her mind.

(But, would he even care…? He doesn’t exactly live the life of exclusivity either. Will Rufus…)

“Wouldn’t your life be easier if Rufus was out of the picture? If it’s revenge he wants, we can make him think he got it.” He senses her hesitation.

She looks up to his hungered gaze. Zack places his hand on the back of her waist and pulls her into him.  He stays silent, awaiting for her answer, while slowly caressing his lips on her cheek.

Fluttering her eyes, she can barely utter a response. As she stares at his lips she replies in a soft whisper.

“Yes… I’d like to… hear that plan.” 

“After”, he whispers back.

He gathers her hair with an assertive tug with his other hand, rests her head on his palm, and pulls her in for a sensual and ravenous kiss.

Khats finally surrenders to his advances and lets out a gratifying moan. His tongue dances as it slides over hers – He’s delicious… enjoyable…

His aphrodisiac makes her wet. The primal urge switches on. As their kiss deepens, she reaches down to feel his pride. He’s already stiff and ready.

She gasps for air as their lust heightens….

Zack carries her over to a dining table and sets her down on her back on its surface. He looks down at his catch with carnal attention, moving forward to remove her clothes at a conquering pace. He pulls off her tights and thong, slides his hand under her shirt to grab her breast, secures the other hand to grip her thighs, and finally lowers himself to ravish her opening with his tongue.

A shockwave of pleasure charges through her body. She liberates her voice to express her excitement.

“Oh… god!! Mmm….”

(His tongue…feels SO good! Fuck… I don’t even know him…)

He eats her out voraciously as he tightens his grip on her tits and thighs. She tastes way better than he expected. Her essence is unlike anyone else he’s experienced. It’s overwhelmingly good… What.. who is this woman?

“Fuck… you’re intoxicating. I can’t wait anymore.”

He releases his grip on her and stands up to hover to her mouth.

“Kiss me”, he gnarls. 

A sensational, deep kiss for them both to enjoy her juices. As this is going, Zack swiftly unbuttons and releases his pants, and introduces his impatient erection into her.

“Ah… Fuck!” An explosive, satiated moan.

She wails back, and sinks her fingernails into his back.

Being inside her for the first time was fervid. Her silk felt too fucking good… He becomes animalistic and thrusts into her with vigorous intensity.

Unbeknownst to Khats, Zack had wanted her for a while. Stories of her exploits with Reyna, Rufus and Seth were shared freely within the military. They called her a ladder-climbing whore… But he didn’t give a shit. Something about her fire and essence did it for him. When she showed up at Staz’ doorstep – He had to take the opportunity. He couldn’t lose her.

She ignited a lustful energy that he hasn’t expressed before.

“Zack, please…! Oh.. fuck!!”

Her lustful cries were rousing. Her voice cracks as he fucks her mercilessly. His name escaping her mouth pleased him.

She is absolutely his tonight.