Meeting Zack Coutinho (18+)



Zack lets out an escalating moan. He orgasms, and finishes inside her.

Khats meets him at his climax, gasping for air in a frenzy. She’s disoriented. Paralyzed. Overpowered….

Something about Zack felt otherworldly. Yet he was another human like her. Who is this man?

(Wha… What the fuck am I doing?)

Without saying anything, she slides off the table, grabs her clothes and quickly puts them on.

“Woah, woah! What’s up? You barely even caught your breath and you wanna fuck off already?” He raises his hands in question, yet continues to grab his clothes anyway. If fucking and running was her style, then there isn’t much he can do.

“Oh my god… I don’t know how you talked me into doing that!! But that was crazy. What are you, a bull?” 

“A horse is more accurate to describe that performance.” Zack gloats. He looks at his prize with satisfaction. 

“So listen, sleeping quarters are underground, if you want to call it a night.”

“Yeah, thanks.. I do need to lay down and collect my thoughts. I hope you keep your word.”

“I wouldn’t take it back for any reason. Especially with the situation you’ve caught yourself in.”

“…Why do I get this sinking feeling that you have a past with Arga von Chatz? Or Rufus and Seth?”

“Well… To keep a long story short, that family was responsible for killing my wife and daughter.”

Khas falls silent. A mortified expression.

“I am… so sorry. I wish you told me earlier…”

“I wasn’t in the mood to mourn them while I had my eyes on you.”

“Right. Well, how did it happen? Why?”

“I just wasn’t home the day they decided to completely annihilate my entire community”, he says dismissively as he leads her to the sleeping quarters.

Khats replies solemnly, “How long ago was it?”

“Five years ago. I’m almost completely over it. I haven’t been with anyone else since Marsha, except for a few flings here and there.”

“So… Do you plan on avenging them too?”

“It’s been in the works already. We’ve had intel on Kiza for a while. I’m sure now that you’re in my team, I can execute that plan a little better.”

Zack beams at the beauty in front of him. He’s been ten steps ahead of her this entire time.

“I look forward to it. Guess we’ll brief more tomorrow?”

“Yeah. You better be ready to hail massacre when we need you.”